About us

The business was incorporated in 2005 to provide services for small businesses and those self employed. Barrie Ingram, founding Director, advised clients how to administer their business tax affairs and bookkeeping since 2000 whilst teaching bookkeeping to graduates in at a London college providing spreadsheet assistance, bookkeeping processes and software advice.

Moving to Colchester in 2005 opened up a greater audience to advertise and demonstrate how complicated bookkeeping exercises and specialist tax legislation can be but utilised with ease. New clients were spoken to in an easy understandable language aided by short demonstrations during the initial consultation. In a nutshell, "Talking Your Language" became a catch phrase and still is to this day.

Barrie Ingram studied many books and attended many courses / seminars to learn the art of encouraging people to feel at ease at his meetings.

When a new client ‘came on board’, Barrie assessed their needs and drew up an action plan. A new client will always have a problem and that problem needs to be solved. The problem when broken down becomes to look easy and a solution is found there and then. By solving that problem at that first meeting we find our clients are impressed and often refer us to potential new clients.

People do not discuss problems unless they have confidence in who they are talking too. So "talking the right language", discussing whats going to happen and making sure everyone is happy with the outcome. Often,we find any complicated business needs, bookkeeping or tax requires quick solutions in uncomplicated words which makes our clients feel at ease and de-stressed.

At the end of the initial meeting we issue an engagement letter describing the services offered for an exact fee. This engagement letter is then signed, but not immediately. The letter states that at any time in the next few days / weeks, our clients can contact us to meet again for any further questions and only then hand over the signed documents. Alternatively these documents can be posted and any questions can be emailed to us clear up any misunderstandings. No client is forced to make any decisions quickly as we like our clients to be clear and confident. Our "Talking Your Language" process is successful and will continue for many many years to come.

Under the provision of Services Regulations 2009, you must provide new clients taken on since 28 December 2009 with: the contact details of your professional indemnity insurer; and the territorial coverage of your insurance.

Telephone Barrie Ingram 01206 503157 for stress free accounting or use the contact form or email: barrie@barrieingram.co.uk

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